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Dynamic Shortcodes review and basic tutorial

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A brand new plugin from Dynamic.ooo (affiliate link) that allows you to create any kind of dynamic website and display any kind of dynamic data on your WordPress website.

Meet Dynamic Shortcodes!

Using Dynamic Shortcodes you can easily display WooCommerce, ACF, Toolset, Jet Engine, or even standard WordPress data in the way you want and where you want on your website.

It is a great solution to build listing websites, affiliate marketing websites, custom WooCommerce website, and it opens up thousand of possibilities for your business!

Let mw know what do you think about Dynamic Shortcodes plugin in the comment section below and tell me you have some features that you want me to explore deeper in my next videos!

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Pascal Claro

YouTuber & WordPress Enthusiast, founder @ WP Roads. Happy husband and father based in Paris. I love to share news, tutorials and reviews about WordPress.

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