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ZipWP Review WordPress AI Builder (Premium Plan)

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ZipWP advanced features to build WordPress websites with AI

ZipWP has a free plan and a some paid plans too. In this post we will talk about the paid plans and all the premium features that you can access when you upgrade your ZipWP account.

ZipWP Free Features

If you have a free plan on ZipWP you can:

  • Create empty websites, clean and fresh WordPress installations.
  • Create basic WordPress websites with AI.

If you have a free plan all the websites that you create with ZipWP will expire after 24 hours. If you have a paid plan you can mark them as permanent.

ZipWP Premium Features

ZipWP Pricing

If you upgrade to a paid plan on ZipWP you'll get:

  • Create Custom Websites With AI.
  • Use the advanced sitemap mode to create the structure and content of the website pages.
  • Use the wireframe mode to have a preview of your website design at a glance.
  • Use Blueprints to speed up your workflow or to share copies of your websites with clients, followers or leads.
  • Create Blueprints demos to showcase your WordPress themes and plugins PRO versions if you're a plugin seller.
  • Access a Huge number of AI credits to use your AI assistant and to Sync you Spectra design library to match your website content using ZipWP AI.
  • Mark your websites as permanent and use and re-use them as you wish.

At the moment ZipWP does not provide Hosting features so you would need to transfer your website to an external hosting if you want to use it.

Maybe in the future they will offer hosting features too!

Watch the video if you want to have more insights on ZipWP premium AI features.

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