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WordPress 6.5 – New features highlight

IMPORTANT UPDATE: the Partially Synced Patterns feature has been delayed and pushed to the WordPress 6.6 release.

Here you can find the WP Tavern blog post on WordPress 6.5 Beta 2 if you want to dive deeper and access the free testing environment as I show at the beginning of the video.

Main features coming to WordPress 6.5

  • Background image in the Group block
  • Cover block: default overlay color, custom aspect ratio
  • Box Shadow support for Button, Column and Image blocks
  • Rename any block in the list view, improved drag & drop
  • Partially Synced Patterns (my favorite new feature, unfortunately delayed to WordPress 6.6)
  • Partially Sync Pattern tutorial: let's create one together!
  • Site Editor navigation news: pages management
  • New Revisions system in Site Editor Styles
  • Example website: interactivity API (opens up new possibilities for developers)
  • Font management system has arrived in the Site Editor!
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Pascal Claro

YouTuber & WordPress Enthusiast, founder @ WP Roads. Happy husband and father based in Paris. I love to share news, tutorials and reviews about WordPress.

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